The streets of London under a skyline of construction cranes.

Construction cranes

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Our staycation exploring the streets of London under the new shopping arcades and the skyline dotted with construction cranes.

Life is getting interesting; I am not going to explain the many ways in which that is happening but I am swamped with things to do. A couple of weeks ago I was in a staycation with my husband and we did everything but rest. The one day we went out we decided to go to take a walk around London, we shopped for honey in the Borough Market and had lunch in one of the restaurants around there.


My husband had never been to London except to Heathrow airport on the way to an interview. I had the advantage of having visited the city for tourism in 2008. We were excited to be there and though I was able to remember some things, I found others displaced from the images I had in my old photos and in my memory. For starters, you think about London as a historical city, full of old, quaint buildings. But this city that unfolded in front of my eyes was not old, not a bit. On top of its venerable bones, construction cranes dominated the skyline and new glass skyscrapers, apartment complexes and shopping arcades had changed the character of the city. It was as if it had gotten plastic surgery and everything looked shiny, and futuristic, and planned. It is like the city decided to have a new beginning and didn't want to be much reminded of its past.

streets of london with fat guy
london shopping arcade

I still have to decide how much I like this new London with its carefully controlled history that appears curated to be out of they way of everyday life. To be sure, it is a huge city that bears many more hours of exploring. Stay tuned.

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