Never, ever again.


In this post:

I ask my peeps from the blogosphere for help to resolve a personal dilemma.

I am considering never blogging again. So what? Who cares? Blogging feels like screaming in a dark and empty cavern many times except that you are not sure if the cavern is really empty because you cannot see very well in the dark. That is not the only reason, of course; now that I am back in the land of the living scientists, I have something to do that not only consumes most of my thoughts and makes me feel alive and full of purpose, but also pays a stable salary. I still have time, what I don’t have is an excess of energ, somehow my wonderful spring evenings and weekends feel too precious to spend working on a hard hobby for nothing. Sounds pretty easy, I should forget about the blog.


However, I am not a quitter. I have a hard time letting go since I spent so much time and energy learning the tricks of the trade and building my own little corner of the blogosphere, I still have too many things to say, and I will definitely miss my blogosphere peeps if I do decide to leave and never come back.


So what do you think, peeps? Never ever again or just a short break while I adapt to the new rhythm of my life?