The Rules of the Blog

Welcome to my blog! I aim to make this a safe and relaxing environment for all my visitors. For that purpose, I have created a set of straightforward rules for commenting on this site. Please, read them before commenting.

1. Yes to thoughtful discussions, creative insights, and pure fun.

2. Yes to agree to disagree.

3. Yes to polite and enlightening discourse.

4. Yes to gentle satire and ingenious humor.

5. Yes to speculative discussions.

1. No name-calling.

2. No isms of any kind; you know, no racism, no chauvinism,  and nothing of a discriminatory or biased nature. Anthropomorphism and oscurantism will be considered on a case by case basis and only if they are contained within outstandingly funny and not mean-spirited expressions.

3. No graphic language, nor violence, or comments of overt sexual nature.

4. No to conspiracy theories unless you are using gentle satire to discredit them, of course.

5. Absolutely no politics. If you want to discuss politics you might consider visiting Snowflake’s Forum by following the link.