About Roxanna

Roxanna López is the pen name of the woman in the picture who used to be a scientist, and now strives to bring her own contemporary voice to what one could label Horatian satire revival—just because every writer must have a genre or readers get confused and tear out their hair and their clothes and we wouldn’t want that now, would we?

She has been in many places, as a matter of fact, she has lived in seven different countries.  But guess what? She has been to Dubai and befriended this camel who insisted to be in the picture. Amazing, isn’t it? But that is nothing, she has been to Puerto Rico and met the infamous Chupacabras whom graciously consented to make a cameo in the story Christmas of the Chupacabras, and even gave some tips and suggestions to improve the story.

Nowadays Roxanna lives Surrey, the UK, with her awesome husband, her cat, a coterie of imaginary friends, and way too many suitcases full of memories, stories, and dreams.