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Sometimes I think about silly little things that don’t make much sense. Very often, this silly little things take the form of silly little stories. I don’t know if they mean anything or are good for something, but let’s think of them as my brain cleaning itself, reorganizing itself to make room for better things. Here you have one of those, Mr. Pistachio-Head.

Chapter This One: Mr. Pistachio-Head

Mr. Pistachio-head does what any nut of his class would do: hangs on for dear life, get’s picked and roasted and put on a bag for others to enjoy. Like many others like him, he has absolutely no control over his life, and he doesn’t mind it. What would he do if he were empowered anyway? Spend his life hanging until some bird found him on the floor? He is not philosophical and not given to long bouts of deep thinking. Not like Mrs. Walnut from the swampy patch of ground downhill, who drives herself crazy with whimsical thoughts just to end up inside the same trail mix pouch with some dried bananas and raisins. And those Brazil nuts? So chatty, as if they really had anything interesting to say. Mr. Pistachio head at least is proud to know that he is not interesting and is able to keep quiet, nothing better than to know yourself, he thinks.

I’d love to tell you that one day Mr. Pistachio-head had a revelation, something so transcendental that he had to interrupt the Brazil nuts in their endless chatter and disturb the deep thinking of Mrs. Walnut to communicate it. And that once this communication happened, all the nuts in the bag and more than one raisin were enlightened and their lives changed forever. Alas! This is the bag of nuts I got at the supermarket and during the couple of weeks that it took me to eat it I did not witness anything of the kind. I have to confess I did my best not to empower any of those nuts lest they discovered the meaning of life and took over the world before I finished eating them. However, I have to admit that I agree with Mr. Pistachio-head on one important point: what Brazil nuts have to say is not that interesting, I should not think too much about it.

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