dust of flying saucers

Dust of Flying Saucers, Insider’s Secrets Revealed

Jan 14 2018

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A picture and a question. Believing is seeing and the truth is still out there. But why is that so? Because imagination is one of the most powerful and generalized natural phenomena of the world. At least, I propose it so be so.

dust of flying saucers

During Christmas break, a guy without fashion sense commented on the possibility that the unknown 0.9% could be the Illuminati, and I thought that even if the Illuminati don’t exist the imaginative opportunity of this was too cool. If one pays close attention to the simplest things, one can change a boring world to a world full of magic. The opposite is also true.


See the picture above, for example. In between the two rainbows, just above the clouds, there is something that could be a flying saucer or a mote of dust. Wouldn’t it be the coolest thing ever if it were an UFO? It is most probably a speck of dust or the shadow of an airplane—Magic lost.—But it could be an UFO!—Magic regained. And if it is a UFO, what does it want with Puerto Rico? But if it is an airplane: just a new bunch of tourists, which is good for the economy but not particularly exciting. What do you think?

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